Arts and Culture Are to Feed Your Soul: What Education Means to a Maestro

During our last discussion on Dialogue 4.0, educators and students from all over Asia shared each country’s situation regarding schooling under the Covid-19, discussed and talked about the ongoing “Online or Offline” debate, positive and negative sides that new methods would have.

In the end, the very definition of public education, originally structured with the rise of industrialization, came into question by the participants: Is it still relevant to the world we live in today? What is the essential role of public schools besides teaching math and English? How can schools assist kids to lead them to the life they desire?

To give an answer to these open-questions, we conducted an interview with a Principal Conductor of the Conservatory Orchestra at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, and a dedicated Life Coach guiding people to find their own path in life.

Jason Lai, with his rich life experiences shared with us the profound meaning of education and how life itself can also be a great teacher.

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