Countering Xenophobia and Misogyny on Social Media: Japan and Germany

▪️Special Interview▪️
Countering Misogyny and Xenophobic discourse on Social Media (part 1)

With the functionality of Social Media, „hate-speech and radical discourse can be taken out from the context and travel around the world,“ says Dr. Schäfer, a Political Scientist and a Japanologist at Erlangen-Nuremberg University in Germany.

THE LEADS ASIA conducted a series of interviews delving into the true cause of this global trend of discrimination and xenophobic discourse.

The first article features two papers written by Dr. Schäfer, which visualized the socio-political function of Social Media in further promoting hates.

The labelling of Anti-Japanese (反日)/Anti-German (Anti-Deutsch) often takes place both in Japanese and German society in a similar way. The function of this labeling as „framing bridge“ to attack certain people in the cyberspace, however, has very different landscapes roots in the post-colonial orders differed immensely in Asia and Europe, according to Dr. Schäfer.

How could we counter the hates in cyberspace?
How should we live with Social Media?

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