Will the #hashtag destroy or reconstruct our communication?

A look into what could potentially be more dangerous than a “terrorist” attack by Kaori Kohyama, Beatrix Lim, Liming Chew In Japan, talking about politics in a public sphere is almost as taboo as sex. This unwritten culture, in turn, contributes to the neglect of hate-speech flowing both online and offline in the name ofContinue reading “Will the #hashtag destroy or reconstruct our communication?”

SNS에서 넘치는 여성 차별과 혐오 발언. 근원을 좇아서 살펴보는 일본과 독일의 사례 (상)

번역: 박주미인터뷰: 슈 리이민편집: 임베어트릭스, 고우야마 카오리 트위터로 보는 정치와 여성차별 8월 28일, 아베 수상이 건강 상태의 악화를 이유로 사퇴해서 최장기 정권이 드디어 종지부를 찍었다. 그 퇴진에 대한 반응은 다양했다. 예를 들어 츠루노 타케시와 같은 탤런트가 전 수상을 칭송하는 트위터가 6만개의 리트윗과 22만개의 좋아요를 획득했는가 하면, 반대로 마이니치 신문에 기고한 배우 마쓰오 타카시와 각본가 마치야마 토모히로등의 저명인은 SNS상에서 아베 수상 퇴임의 정치적 동기에Continue reading “SNS에서 넘치는 여성 차별과 혐오 발언. 근원을 좇아서 살펴보는 일본과 독일의 사례 (상)”

Countering Xenophobia and Misogyny on Social Media: Japan and Germany

▪️Special Interview▪️
Countering Misogyny and Xenophobic discourse on Social Media (part 1)

With the functionality of Social Media, „hate-speech and radical discourse can be taken out from the context and travel around the world,“ says Dr. Schäfer, a Political Scientist and a Japanologist at Erlangen-Nuremberg University in Germany.

THE LEADS ASIA conducted a series of interviews delving into the true cause of this global trend of discrimination and xenophobic discourse.

The first article features two papers written by Dr. Schäfer, which visualized the socio-political function of Social Media in further promoting hates.

The labelling of Anti-Japanese (反日)/Anti-German (Anti-Deutsch) often takes place both in Japanese and German society in a similar way. The function of this labeling as „framing bridge“ to attack certain people in the cyberspace, however, has very different landscapes roots in the post-colonial orders differed immensely in Asia and Europe, according to Dr. Schäfer.

How could we counter the hates in cyberspace?
How should we live with Social Media?

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