Toxic Positivity on social media: How to cope with negativity?

A WHO survey reveals that the Asia Pacific region accounts for 48% of all depressed patients worldwide. Participants from all over Asia gathered to discuss and talk about the ways to cope with daily negativity in a healthy manner.



In the bleakest of times, resilience and continuity prevail

A decade in, Dr. Christopher Hobsons reflects on the 3/11 triple disasters, and draws upon similarities with the current pandemic. Highlighting problems of trust and communication, he provides a sober reminder to look for continuity instead of change amidst crises.

Media’s Addiction to “Hate-for-Profit” Will Not Cure The Pandemic

Photo by Kevin Tamasiro by GAURAV LAROIA & JESSICA J. GONZÁLEZ The World Health Organization recently declared that the world isn’t just fighting a pandemic, but also an “infodemic” as people search for trustworthy information to help protect themselves and their loved ones against the coronavirus. But the truth is losing out, as lies proliferate about alleged cures and preventive measures.Continue reading “Media’s Addiction to “Hate-for-Profit” Will Not Cure The Pandemic”