THE LEADS ASIA is a team of talented young leaders with a wide range of skills and experiences from all over Asia.

Liming Chew

Member Writer

Liming was born in the United States, and raised mostly in Japan. During his year at LL.M. program in Kyushu University, he explores the applicability of Public Forum doctrine into digital forum in the course of pursuing “how next generation of Freedom of Speech looks like”. Besides academic career, he is currently doing an internship at the Babels, inc. and operates an online discussion platform “Talkstand”.

Joomi Park

Member Writer / Translator (KR)

Joomi was born in 97, raised in Seoul, South Korea. She is currently majoring in Labour Law of UK and Japan at Kyushu University (taught in Japanese). Current passion: watching objects on Instagram, playing a guitar, painting  and collecting tea bags from Asian countries.

Yuchen Guo

Member Writer / Translator (CN)

Yuchen was born in December 98, raised in Beijing, China. She is currently a junior student at Peking University and pursuing a graduate degree overseas. Current Passion: Cantonese Pop.(Hong Kong music)

Email me: mail@example.com

Momoko Tajima

Member Writer

Momoko was born in 99, raised in Oita, Japan. She is currently an undergraduate in Kyushu University, majoring in Law. Momoko will embark on her exchange at NUS from 2021. Current passion: Watching   Korean and Chinese drama.

Byung Min Park

Member Writer

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