– A platform to unite, inform and inspire youth across Asia.

THE LEADS ASIA is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that fosters idea-sharing and constructive dialogues in Asia.

Our mission is to serve as a platform for young Asian professionals to unite, discuss and jointly think about solutions to today’s global issues.

Under the unprecedented pandemic, pessimistic views on Globalization has been prevailing. We are to challenge the skeptics and visualize the significance of being connected.


undefined Kaori Kohyama Co-founder ・ Editor-in-Chief JAPAN
Kaori was born in Tokyo Japan, and is a Bai Xian 2019 cohort scholar. She is a former CAMPUS Asia student, a trilingual writer, freelance filmmaker, and a strong advocate of Gender Equality with the background in Beauty Pageant. Outside of her home country, Kaori previously studied in the United States, China and Czech Republic, with B.A. in Political Science of Waseda University and B.A. in International Politics of Peking University. Kaori’s broad interests lay in Fine Arts, Cross-cultural Communication, Constructive Journalism, Documentary Filmmaking, Regional/Inter-regional Cooperation.

undefined Ayano Sasaki Co-founder Branding JAPAN
Ayano is from Japan, and is a Schwarzman Scholar class of 2021. Ayano has graduated from Kyushu University where she went on an exchange at the University of Hong Kong on the Bai Xian Exchange Scholarship 2018 to 2019. Ayano is interested in foreign policy and the interest led her to work for relationship between Japan and other countries, such as the US and Korea. Besides the activity, she is also passionate about improving Japanese career education as the founder of MIRACT.

undefined Junyang Ng Management Public Relations Singapore
Junyang Ng was born in Singapore, and studied in France, Germany, the UK, Italy, and China, where he obtained a Master of Philosophy from Yenching Academy of Peking University. He is an educator, and a member of cultural revival movements such as those led by the Accademia Vivarium Novum in Italy, and Wenli Academy in China. He sees it his life-mission to bring about a global renaissance, and has often spoken publicly on this topic in English, Chinese, and Latin. Junyang is a recipient of Bai Xian Asia Institute’s Asian Future Leaders Scholarship.

Seoyoung Park Member WriterAnalyst South Korea
Seoyoung Park is from South Korea, and is a Machine Learning Developer helping a computer vision research team and 3D modelers to automate their workflow with machine learning techniques on computer vision datasets. She graduated from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with a MSc degree in Big Data Technology as a Bai Xian Scholar. Studying in Hong Kong with schoolmates from different nationalities and backgrounds, Seoyoung realised how much media bias occurs not only in her native country but also in other countries, causing prejudice, hasty judgement, and further divide of society. Seoyoung was motivated by BXAI Summer program 2019 to contribute to building a new platform for Asia for mutual understanding with the technique she gained.

undefined Jin Young Lim (Sherab) Member WriterEditor MALAYSIA
Penang born Jin Young Lim is a martial artist, a yoga teacher, educator and social entrepreneur. Having studied in East Asia and obtained his double degree from Waseda and Peking University, Jin went on to start Vira Life Academy, a social enterprise that promotes geotourism, and Spawo Foundation an NGO in Ladakh, India that promotes holistic education, integrative medicine and sustainability in the Himalayas. His daily routine consists of physical training, reading, writing, teaching and creating online content through his Youtube channel or Podcast related to his philosophy of “Eco-Flow”- the need to cultivate flow states, mindfulness and sustainability in this world.

undefined Amane Okina Member Writer ・Creative Director JAPAN
Amane was born and raised in Japan. She is studying Media Studies at Peking University, and joined BXAI community in 2018. She is a former PKUTV director, and now a vlogger and writer. Amane interned at the Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and after that, she took part in several education related projects. She was a member writer of NPO Ryugaku Fellowship, which encourages Japanese high schoolers to study abroad, an organizing member of Project Abroad, a Japan study tour for PKU student, co-founder of UNITIVE, a university class evaluation system, and now a research member of Comparison of Undergraduate Curriculum at World Class Universities. Besides that, Amane is interested in photography, gender equality, philosophy and singing.

Pempen Chiang Member Writer Philippines
Pem currently oversees strategic initiatives at a logistic startup in the Philippines, where he builds partnerships between malls, banks, and hospitals to upgrade their supply networks. His previous experience includes stints at multiple international organizations including the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and the World Wildlife Fund. He received a master’s degree with honours in Economics from Peking University and a bachelor’s degree with honours in Political Science from the University of Chicago.

undefined Kevin Tamasiro Photographer Philippines

Portfolio: http://www.kevintamasiro.com/
A Japanese-Filipino visionary who have exhibited and published works internationally. Early clients while still in university include big names such as Numero, Nylon, and Fendi. 
Upon graduating from Waseda University, Tamasiro joined advertising as an art director for a world-renowned agency.

What We Do

  1. Discussion events: THE LEADS ASIA holds discussion events uniting youths in the region of Asia. We occasionally invite professionals in various areas to give us a clue to solving today’s existing issues. The documentation of the discussion/workshop is later edited and published on DIALOGUE4.0.
  2. Interviews: Since the members and participants of THE LEADS ASIA are mainly young professionals under age 30 coming from different backgrounds, the aim of our discussion is not to come up with a solid answer to complex issues. For the questions from previous discussions, therefore, THE LEADS ASIA interview an expert in that concerned area to deepen the dialogue. This interview is edited and published on I See, We See News in 4 languages.
  3. Opinion forum: On VoicesAsia, THE LEADS ASIA serves as a platform where anyone can express their opinion freely by submitting a piece of article. Our editing team will edit and publish them so that it can be read by wider audiences across the globe.

Our Path

Under the pandemic, sad and depressing news are dominating the papers and screens. Urged by the recognition that we need a place to come together to think about how we can overcome this crisis and build a stronger bond in the region, project THE LEADS ASIA was initiated by a few Alumni of Bai Xian Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program.

Together with young professionals, scholars and professors from all over Asia, THE LEADS ASIA fosters constructive dialogue among young people, especially the “GenZs” to envision the future together.

Get to know more about our members from here.

Editing Articles

Our editing process is based on the methods of Constructive Journalism, the “Journalism for Tomorrow”, introduced by a Danish journalist Ulrik Haagerup at Constructive Institute.

This method focuses on inspiring people to jointly think about How/What-Now questions, rather than WhoDid-It questions.

Similarly, THE LEADS ASIA focuses on solutions, the bigger picture of a problem, as well as future-oriented dialogue rather than blaming on the cause, with transnational members living the age of “ZenG”.


With writers coming from all over, unable to meet, and unable to have a main fact-checker at the organization, we cannot prevent all the misinformation from happening.

However, for our published articles, we try maintaining its transparency and credibility as much as possible not only with primary sources but with the following principles.

  1. Keeping the institution 100% non-profitable, getting no advertisement revenue and running with volunteer members only, maintaining independence and avoiding sensationalism in the contents.
  2. Disclosing author’s real names for each article to ensure accountability.
  3. Inviting readers to be our “fact-checkers” who comment, discuss, and raise issues to foster discussions. THE LEADS ASIA, as a news media, is not intended to assert or accuse of any entity in society, the process of correction therefore is also considered significant.
  4. For scientific related topics, we review together with our member natural scientist and/or computer scientist to make sure there is no miscommunication in the articles.

In addition, we occasionally conduct fact-checking initiatives on existing articles across Asia, using Machine Learning and other tools on our “I see, We see News” page. We welcome suggestions and tips from readers on what to fact-check via email (the.leads.asia@gmail.com).

*In principle, THE LEADS ASIA is not held liable for any problems or complaints caused by contributing authors.


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