Workshop Series Winter 2020 “Conversation of Tangible Memories”

Workshop Series “Conversation of Tangible Objects”
Passing on history in Asia and Europe

In this year of 2020 when everything has gone online, THE LEADS ASIA will host a series of workshops on the transmission of history in the form of “objects”. This event will be held in collaboration with the Waseda University Institute of Korean Studies NPO Tokyo Holocaust Education Resource Center, Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism, Goethe-Institut Tokyo, and Zurich University Institute of Art History.

In every generation, people have been seeing with eyes, touching by hands and have been creating objects with their hearts. Through such creations, our emotion and memory remain in the forms of art and culture across regions and generations.

What can we learn through tangible objects that have been passed down to us?
What can we create together in the online-age, and what will we leave behind for future generations?

A series of four workshops with experts in urban communications, history museum, puppetry, and antiquities from around the world is open to all.

Dates: November 15, December 4, January (coming soon), February (coming soon)
Theme of each session:
 ●Dr. Kyoung-muk Kim, Institute of Korean Studies, Waseda University:
  “When Urban Communication Meets Transnational Asia”
 ●Dr. Mirjam Zadoff, Director of the Munich Museum of History:
  “Passing on History and Challenges in the 21st Century”
 ●Professor Hans Bjarne Thomsen, Art History Institute, University of Zurich:
  “A Bird’s Eye View of Japan-Korea Relations through Antiquities” (tentative)
 ●A Modern History Tied to Czech Puppetry” (coming soon)
Format: Zoom and YouTube
Language: English (*some sessions will be held bilingually with Japanese translation)
Target audience: Those interested in passing on the memory in Asia and Europe: Creating culture and art, and building dialogue for the next generation: Open to a variety of opinions

Details of the participation system and other details will be updated on this page.


 何もかもがオンラインに移行した2020年。その締めくくりの冬に、THE LEADS ASIAは”モノ”から読み解く歴史の継承を巡る全4回のワークショップシリーズを早稲田大学韓国学研究所NPO法人ホロコースト教育資料センターミュンヘン・ナチドキュメントセンター、ドイツ政府ゲーテ・インスティチュート東京チューリッヒ大学美術史研究所とのコラボレーションで開催します。



  :早稲田大学韓国学研究所・金敬黙 教授
  :ミュンヘン・ナチドキュメントセンター・Mirjam Zadoffさん
  :チューリッヒ大学芸術研究所・Hans Bjarne Thomsen 教授



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