THE LEADS ASIA was selected for the “Next Generation of Korean Studies Scholars” grant program

The LEADS ASIA has been selected from among a number of Japanese organizations as one of the recipients of the “Next Generation of Korean Studies Scholars” program of the Lee Heui Keon Foundation Korea-Japan Exchange Foundation for the year 2020.

The grant will be received upon THE LEADS ASIA’s upcoming project, “Promoting Constructive Discussions between Korea and Japan’s ‘Generation Z’ through Documentary Filmmaking: What is the relationship beyond pop culture”. The film is produced with a focus on “Tsushima”, an Island located between Korea and Japan with dynamic history in the different phases in the past.

Despite the conflicts and antagonisms that arise from being neighboring countries, the project plans to highlight the futuristic aspect of the relationship between the two, which goes beyond superficial exchanges on the basis of shared memories and cultural ties for centuries.

THE LEADS ASIA has a wide network of dialogue in countries and regions throughout Asia. As such, we will be committed to fully demonstrating the richness of perspectives and diversity of values that we are able to offer, and to encouraging constructive dialogue to build a sustainable relationship in the region.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Lee Heui Keon Foundation for their recognition and support, and to all those who have given us guidance and encouragement along the way.


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